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    About Us

    I am a Reiki master, intuitive healer, multidimensional artist, designer, loud laugher, mother, and full-time lover of life. My Sagittarius fire energy, creative and empathic gifts, and personal healing experiences are my compass, helping to guide others through a beautiful and peaceful transition from limitation and pain to deep self-love and energetic expansion. I believe love is the answer to everything. When we love ourselves, it overflows into our families, our work, and our communities, creating a connected, conscious, vibrant, loving world, a place we all desire and deserve to live in. Clients can visit me in my Oak Park Studio, or wherever I am called to service.

    I have many offerings which can be used in combination, or individually, including meditation, reiki-infused energy work, empathic messages, compassionate touch, peaceful space design, habit formation, divine portraiture, therapeutic art practices, and more. My offerings are guides and inspirations for individuals as well as groups, to create freedom, growth, connection, creativity, courage, and expansion in both a private and professional setting.