• FEBRUARY, 2023

    We are proud to present, for a third year, the OPRF Chamber's list of the Top 10 concerns facing businesses in 2023. This list was compiled with feedback from our Members and our Chamber Board of Directors and highlights the key pain points they have in running their businesses. 
    Now more than ever we are keenly aware of the challenges facing each business sector in our community. But we also know that there are challenges that are common to all businesses: the impact of long hours on family life, the real threat of cyber security and that darn global supply chain that holds us all hostage. We hope that this list will serve as a reminder for the community, and a focus point for all partners supporting businesses: our shops, restaurants, cafes, non-profits and service-based businesses are all doing their best for you. Whether you are setting goals, checking KPI's or just grabbing a coffee, supporting our local economy is the best way to ensure our businesses survive. Share the love and support local. It's that simple. 
    Darien Marion-Burton (Executive Director)
    You can contact Darien via email at dmarionburton@oprfchamber.org.


  • What is the TOP 10 List?

    Every year, the Oak Park River Forest Chamber of Commerce issues a list of their Top 10 concerns that are facing our local businesses in the coming year. As part of our mission to “cultivate an energized, connected and resilient community,” we see this Top 10 list as a critical way for both Oak Park and River Forest to better understand the challenges faced by our business owners.

    Liz Holt, Executive Director of the Chamber, feels creating and distributing this list "is the perfect way to leverage the collective insight of our large and diverse Board of Directors. We use these lists as the basis for strategic planning with not only the Villages and our partner agencies, but also with business owners themselves. They need to know that they are not alone. We are here to support them and ensure their voices are heard." 

    These topics and statements represent the collective voice of the OPRF Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, comprised of up to twenty local entrepreneurs and business people from all sectors of the business community.

  • Tell Us What You Think!

    We always love hearing from our community. So if you have questions, comments or concerns about our most recent TOP 10 list, or those of past years, please do not hesitate to reach out. We want to hear from you!

    You can CLICK HERE to see a list of our full Board of Directors and Chamber Staff, along with their email addresses.