• 2021 Board of Directors OPRF Chamber of Commerce- Annual Retreat
  • 2021 Annual Board Retreat - We had a full house for our annual retreat! We learned to dance like a "lone nut", the value of "first followers" and sourced the best cookies in town! And...we did a little planning and strategizing.

    An amazing group of people working for you!



  • OPRF Chamber Staff


    Liz Holt, Executive Director

    Liz's passion for dirt and Indiana Jones led her towards a Degree in Archaeology from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Archaeology has since taken her throughout Canada, Europe and Asia in search of both ancient cultures and great food. After spending a few too many years in the ground, Liz turned her gaze skyward and returned to the University of Calgary to acquire a Masters Degree in Architecture with a specialization in the science of materials and building enclosures. The marriage of her two disciplines lead her to Australia for 9 years, where she worked to conserve both historic buildings and archaeological sites during development. While down under her blood happily thinned to manage days at the beach and the eternal summer of Sydney.
    In 2011 Liz followed her husband's University career to the US and landed in Oak Park. After spending three years working for a local tile supplier, Liz has now firmly landed with her feet on the ground at the Chamber of Commerce where she peruses her passion for helping small businesses thrive and finding the best coffee in town.
    Liz lives in Oak Park in a classic Chicago bungalow where she still pursues her passion for dirt and soil by farming every inch of her back yard. She lives there with her hubby, a real-life Indiana Jones, two feisty daughters and a cat who was not left behind. The only thing left is for her blood to thicken-up to deal with the winters in this great city!


    Mark Walden, Program Manager

    Mark is Program Manager at the Oak Park Chamber of Commerce, and at other times of the week wears the hat of a property manager, nonprofit fundraiser, or snow removal contractor.  He sometime looks goofy due to wearing all those hats.  Mark appreciates the OPRF area for its independent businesses, trees, garage sales, and architecture.  But he lives in Chicago because that's where his wife and his ultimate frisbee game are.

    Contact Mark: mwalden@oprfchamber.org

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    Jenny Yang, Marketing & Brand Communications

    Jenny is a brand marketing professional with 12+ years of experience partnering with Fortune 500 companies. She has worked at leading global advertising agencies in New York and Chicago, including BBDO, Grey, FCB and Deutsch. Her clients included P&G, Pepsico, IKEA, Chase, Wrigley and Kraft Foods. She has also worked in non-profit fundraising at the American Museum of Natural History and the New York Foundation for the Arts in New York City.  Currently, Jenny is a brand identity and business development consultant to several small businesses in greater Chicago.  She serves as a Board member at Wonder Work’s Children’s Museum in Oak Park and the Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park. 

    In her free time, she’s an avid reader (a super fan of Murakami), is working on her tennis skills on her road to the U.S. Open, and is an unlikely hockey fan, strong-armed by her loving husband and 2 boys.

    Contact Jenny: jyang@oprfchamber.org

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    Kosha Carstens, Sponsorship Coordinator

    A lifetime student, Kosha received her BS in Biology from Illinois Wesleyan University, her MS in Neuroscience from Michigan State University and her MA in Bioethics & Health Policy from Loyola University. With a recent move to River Forest with her family, Kosha is excited to give back to the OPRF community that has so openly and warmly welcomed her and her family. 

    Kosha is a self-proclaimed and proud nerd. She is a bat enthusiast (yes, Chiroptera, the flying mammal), and spends much “free” time on education and conservation of those faces that only a mother could love. She and her family are also avid Batman fans, calling themselves the Carstens BatFam, with no trace of irony. She lives in her BatCave with her husband, Brian, an amp technician (and local small business owner himself!), their daughter Anushka (aka Batsy), and their two cats, Frances Harley and Harvie2Face. Whether it is Batman, bats, Harry Potter, the music of the great Freddie Mercury or the tragically lost Chris Cornell, experiencing the world through travel, mental health advocacy, evolution, laughing loudly or My Little Pony marathons with Batsy, Kosha is all in. She is excited to work for the Chamber of Commerce (Chamber of Secrets??) to bring the local business community to its highest potential. As Wil Wheaton says, “Being a nerd is not about what you love, it's about how you love it.” Nerds Unite!

    Contact Kosha: kcarstens@oprfchamber.org

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    Carolyn Henning, Business Manager





    Contact Carolyn: businessmgr@oprfchamber.org

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    Evan Powell, Chamber Intern, graphic designer

    Evan Powell has been the Chamber's graphic design intern since August 2019. He has helped design many of the Chamber's E-Blasts, flyers, slideshows and just about anything else involving graphics. He's currently a junior at Oak Park and River Forest High School and plans to pursue visual arts for college, with some of his current top choices being Columbia College in Chicago and The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with friends and editing videos.





    Contact Evan: intern@oprfchamber.org