• 2023 Board of Directors OPRF Chamber of Commerce
  • 2023 Board of Directors






    Liz Holt, Executive Director

    Liz's passion for dirt and Indiana Jones led her towards a Degree in Archaeology from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Archaeology has since taken her throughout Canada, Europe and Asia in search of both ancient cultures and great food. After spending a few too many years in the ground, Liz turned her gaze skyward and returned to the University of Calgary to acquire a Masters Degree in Architecture with a specialization in the science of materials and building enclosures. The marriage of her two disciplines lead her to Australia for 9 years, where she worked to conserve both historic buildings and archaeological sites during development. While down under her blood happily thinned to manage days at the beach and the eternal summer of Sydney.
    In 2011 Liz followed her husband's University career to the US and landed in Oak Park. After spending three years working for a local tile supplier, Liz has now firmly landed with her feet on the ground at the Chamber of Commerce where she peruses her passion for helping small businesses thrive and finding the best coffee in town.
    Liz lives in Oak Park in a classic Chicago bungalow where she still pursues her passion for dirt and soil by farming every inch of her back yard. She lives there with her hubby, a real-life Indiana Jones, two feisty daughters and a cat who was not left behind. The only thing left is for her blood to thicken-up to deal with the winters in this great city!

    Diane Cranford, Director of Membership

    Diane grew up in Starved Rock Country and spent many holidays in Oak Park with her favorite cousins. Thanks to her father’s Rotary club, she studied in Brazil for a year and thrived in the tropical climate and South American culture. 
    After college, Diane pined for warmer days, so she moved to South Florida to wear flipflops and earn her Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Barry University. She loved the academic environment and her work as a student advocate but sometimes life has other plans. Needless to say, it was quite the culture shock when Diane relocated to Northern California to be closer to family.
    Three years in Sonoma County, California, was full of adventure and competitive crew rowing but Diane decided fog, goats and wine country were not her thing. In the Fall of 2013, for the second time in four years, she drove cross-country by herself to happily move back to the Midwest. Diane chose to settle in her favorite village of Oak Park where her adventures continue as the Race Director for the Oak Park Runners Club's Good Life Race 5k series. Her love for meeting new people has been an asset in her numerous years of client services and as a concierge. This self-proclaimed documentary junkie enjoys spontaneous road trips with friends, running small suburban races, exploring new farmers markets, reading classic books, discovering off-the-beaten-path antique (junk?) stores, LOTS of college football (Boomer Sooner!) baking cookies, and sharing family jokes with her sister and many cousins.

    Contact Diane: dcranford@oprfchamber.org

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    Mark Walden, Program Manager

    Mark is Program Manager at the Oak Park Chamber of Commerce, and at other times of the week wears the hat of a property manager, nonprofit fundraiser, or snow removal contractor.  He sometime looks goofy due to wearing all those hats.  Mark appreciates the OPRF area for its independent businesses, trees, garage sales, and architecture.  But he lives in Chicago because that's where his wife and his ultimate frisbee game are.

    Contact Mark: mwalden@oprfchamber.org

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    Tasha Carlisle, Special Events Manager

    During Tasha's journey through Midwestern winters at a tiny school in Northern Michigan, she learned, through a genealogy project for her class, that she was the descendant of slaves. This generated interest in learning more about Africa and led her to explore the idea of a study abroad in a warm climate: Ghana! When she stepped off the plane, she felt like she could finally breathe and had landed in a place like home! She learned Ashanti Twi and upon return to Grand Valley State University she continued on with her pursuit of African American studies to finish her minor. Her mathematical brain and her love of order led her to Buddhist studies, which were logical and practical and made sense. Who doesn’t need a few moments of quiet meditation every day? 

    After moving out of Michigan, she was hired by Liberty Mutual as a Financial Analyst, upgrading systems that included product testing and programming. She was a responsible team member, learning XRT, and implementing an automated system to upload Wire & ACH transfers within the different banking products. Tasha’s naturally open personality, along with her increased interest in Buddhism matured into a deeper study and she chose to take vows to become a nun. 

      Her path immediately opened into service as a Director of three Centers, as an Educational Program Coordinator, as a Business Office Coordinator, and as an event planner and coordinator for large-scale participation. She can still use her mathematical perspectives to see how to streamline a plan and to inspire action.  Tasha loves Oak Park! Still, warm weather and international travel visit her dreams! 


    Contact Tasha: tcarlisle@oprfchamber.org

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  • Carolyn Henning, Office Manager

    Carolyn is a lifelong resident of Cook County and lives in Oak Park.  She spent 15 years working at consumer ad agencies in Traffic/Print Production.  One day she responded to a Mom's Mail help-wanted ad that down the road fortuitously landed her a job at the OPRF Chamber. Carolyn likes good barbeque and beer and is thankful that she can find both in abundance in the area. She dabbles in gardening and cooking.

    Carolyn is the person you will be contacting to talk about your e-blasts, your billing or updating your membership data. 

    Contact Carolyn: chenning@oprfchamber.org