A Message from our Executive Director

    I would like to personally invite you to join our OPRF Chamber community!
    With over 500 other local businesses, we would love to help you survive these trying times, grow your business and get you more connected into the community.

    What is our Chamber all About?

    Our Chamber is all about Community - plain and simple. And this Community knows that "a rising tide floats all boats"...and right now our boats need some float!
    Time is at a premium and we know you are busy, so here are a few easy and quick ways for you to learn about all that we do:
    WATCH  our former Board Vice President Lynn Palmgren tell you in less than 2minutes how this Chamber helped her grow her business.
    WATCH our 5 min Annual Meeting video and see how this Chamber has supported the business community. 
    - LISTEN to our 20 min podcast recording with our Past President Dr. Mary Ann Bender on how her Chamber membership allowed her to start her business with nothing but an empty schedule and a will to make it on her own.

    Why Choose Our Community?

    Our Mission in a nutshell is to work for you and your success
    We are dedicated to embracing diversity and equity, providing marketing opportunities when you need them, and having a Board of Directors and Staff who reflects our business community and who work tirelessly for you, our small business owners. 

    Want to learn more?

    Got 5 minutes? Check out our social media (FaceBook and Instagram) to get a quick overview of what we are all about - vital and timely information, in-person and virtual programming events, and a great network to share and commiserate with in the Members Group. 
    Got 10 minutes? Find a community that suits you! Check out our Affinity Groups and find one that fits your schedule, style and industry.
    Got half an hour? Head on over to our Inside the Chamber Podcast and listen to a few casual conversations with our members. We are tackling the hard topics (there are so many right now!) with a sense of humor and a touch of sass!
    We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our community!
    Darien Marion Burton


  • We are dedicated to supporting the nonprofit organizations in our community.

    If you would like more information on how your local NPO can join the Chamber, please CLICK HERE.

    You can also CLICK HERE to see a list of current NPO members.

  • Our NEWEST Member Benefit!

    Sign up today to be a participating vendor in our Shop Local OPRF digital gift card.

    This program is free for members & $150 for non-members.

  • Our NEW Affilliates!

    We are thrilled to now have reciprocal benefits!

  • Benefits with National Organizations

    National organizations giving back locally.