In 2020, we knew our Chamber members needed more support than ever before, so we launched our Choose Community Annual Appeal to help cover membership renewals for businesses in need. Our members contributed enough to cover renewal fees for 23 businesses and nonprofits in our Chamber.


    We continue to be committed to our members leaning on each other, when they need to, and building a community for our businesses that fosters strength and resilience.


    As we look back on this year, we remember hearing from one specific business who received a gift membership:

    Members supporting members.

    That is what this community, and your Chamber, is all about.

    Let's continue to build on this and support any member who needs a helping hand.

    We ask you to consider supporting our members in need TODAY

    with a gift of a full or partial membership.

    We know first-hand what this support can mean to a business.

    Let's continue to keep members connected, to reinforce our business network and sustain a healthy Village life.



    Let's continue to foster strength in our community!




  • With this gift, you will be purchasing a membership as a gift to another member in need. This is not a tax deductible donation and as such the Chamber will not issue a charitable donation receipt. The Chamber will issue a payment receipt that can be used as evidence of a business expense.

    The OPRF Chamber reserves the right to choose the members who will receive the gift membership. The recipients will not be made public, nor will the recipients be notified as to which business made the gift.