• eBlast Overview

    What is it and how do I get one for my business?

  • FAQs regarding our eBlast member benefit

  • What is an eBlast?

    An eBlast is a promotion email that the Chamber creates on behalf of a member in good standing and sends out to its email list.  Typically, it contains both text and images.  It may include flyers, logos, links and other information - whatever the member sends us.  eBlasts in our Chamber are created and sent out using the "Constant Contact" email marketing software.  eBlasts are a terrific way of promoting a special event, announcing a new product line or communicating something really exciting to our community.

    The Chamber's communication policy requires that we use the Constant Contact software for member promotion.  Our proprietary member database system is used only to communicate Chamber business.  Therefore, you will see us use a regular "text-based" email for Chamber events and business but the graphics-intensive Constant Contact email for members' promotional eBlasts.

    Because eBlasts require staff time to prepare and are sent out a maximum of six times a week (so as to limit digital "noise" in our recipients' inboxes), we need advance notice to send an eBlast and charge for eBlasts not included in a member's benefit package.

    How can I request an eBlast for my business?

    We require that all eBlast requests come through our online submission process.  There is a link on our homepage, in the member information center and under the "Resources" tab.  Or, click here to go directly to the form.

  • Who can send an eBlast?

    Only members of the Chamber in good standing may request that we send eBlasts on their behalf.  Depending on the membership level and benefit usage, there may be a fee associated.


  • How much do they cost?

    eBlasts cost $50 each.  Standard Members receive one free eBlast per year.  Nonprofit members are entitled to two free eblasts per year.  Gold Members receive three complimentary eBlasts. A member may purchase additional eBlasts after using the free benefit(s). 


  • How many emails are on your email list and will receive the eBlast?

    We have approximately 1,000 emails on the list. Note that some organizations have particularly strident spam filters that reject emails from email marketing software or emails with too many pictures or links.  While this is not the norm and it impacts only a small handful of recipient emails, we want to make sure you are aware of it.  There is little we can do on our side to get around these filters.


  • Can a nonmember request an eBlast?

    No, sorry, we are unable to use scarce Chamber resources on behalf of nonmembers.


  • How are they created?

    eBlasts are created using the copy and images you send us in the eBlast Request form.  Using the Constant Contact software, our eBlast designer will choose an appropriate layout and template and arrange the copy and images you send us.  We are fortunate to have a graphics design intern assist us in creating the eBlasts.  This intern works part-time and also works on other Chamber related graphics projects. This is why we need at least 5 business days (M-F).

    We rely on you for the text, which we cut and paste out of the eBlast request form.  We do not edit or spell check your copy - so make sure it says what you want it to say!  This is true for the email subject line as well - we will use whatever you send us.  Remember, best practice suggests that adding your organization name and a call to action to the subject line increases the chances that someone will open your eBlast.


  • How far in advance do I need to request an eBlast?

    Requests should be received at least 7 business days in advance of the date you want it sent.


  • May I see a preview of the eBlast before it goes out?

    We are happy to send you a proof of the eBlast before it goes out.  However, repeated revisions will add to the production timeline and we will not be able to guarantee that the eBlast is sent at the initial time you request.


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