• Sam Yousif

  • Director at Large, Oak Park-River Forest Chamber of Commerce

    Committee:  Co-chair of the Chamber Advocacy Committee

    Member Organization:  B-Health

    Contact Sam by email: sam@bhealthcares.com


    Sam Yousif has a very diverse background developed from a multitude of experiences and environments both nationally and internationally in support of growth-oriented Technologies and R&D driven organizations.

    Having graduated with a degree in Engineering Physics with a concentration in material sciences, Sam spent his first few years working with cutting edge technologies such as the development and testing of high temperature ceramic superconductors at Argonne National Laboratory, a Research Analysist at The Amoco Research Center in advanced electro chemistry to designing state of the art remediation and waste recovery systems in Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

    Around 2010, because of some personal family health issues, Sam’s interests expanded into two distinct areas, health care and his continued interests in Environmental-Energy Efficient Technologies.

    Currently Sam’s interests include being the:

    Managing Partner of B-Health, an Integrative Health Care Provider that includes Manual Based Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Care, Functional Neurology, Health and Nutritional Counseling located in Oak Park.

    Managing Partner of Boutique Physio, St. Louis’s premier out-patient manual-based Physiotherapy practices. And which features his partner, Joanne Macza, who is regarded as one of the top manual-based physiotherapists and diagnosticians in the country.

    Partner at GSI-Networks, Smart-City Technology and Development group.

    Having lived in the Oak Park area for 25 years and helping raise 3 kids over that period of time, Sam has always been a strong supporter of his community and the members of his community.