• Rob Guenthner

  • President, Oak Park River Forest Chamber of Commerce

    Committee: Co-chair of the Chamber Advocacy Committee

    Member Organization: Kettlestrings Tavern

    Contact Rob by email: rob@kettlestringstavern.com


    Rob Guenthner is an owner of Kettlestrings Restaurant Group. He is a man who can juggle a menu and legal documents with equal finesse. He's like the captain of a foodie spaceship, steering Kettlestrings Tavern, Kettlestrings Grove, Betty's Pizza and Pasta, and the intergalactic antics at Starship Restaurant & Catering.

    Rob, an experienced legal executive turned small business owner, most recently navigated the legal frontiers as the Chief Legal Officer for Oak Street Health, a publicly traded healthcare provider acquired by CVS Health in 2023.

    Oak Park and River Forest have witnessed the rise of Kettlestrings Tavern, the first of Kettlestrings Restaurant Group's locations since 2020, proving that even a pandemic can't resist the allure of a good meal. From that launch in 2020, Kettlestrings Restaurant Group has grown faster than Rob and his wife Katie's, five children who are scattered across Julian Middle School, OPRF, Jones College Prep, DePaul University and University of Wisconsin, and coming in Fall of 2024, New York University, all like so many ingredients on your New York style pizza – a slice of education for each!

    Rob, holds an MBA and JD from Washington University in Saint Louis. He's not just a restaurant owner; he's a father, a lawyer, an investor and a pizza and beer enthusiast. Living in Oak Park since 2009, Rob is inspired daily by the strength of this community, both its small business owners and the residents who support them. Whether it's the challenges of running a restaurant or dealing with teenage angst, Rob faces it all with a smile, fueled by the power of community and a secret stash of Betty's Pizza and a few cocktails from Kettlestrings Grove.