• Chamber 104: the Elevator Pitch

    Chamber 104: the Elevator Pitch

    The Chamber 2nd annual Speed Networking Event is Tuesday, March 14. (Please CLICK HERE to register today!) Are you excited?! More importantly, are you prepared? Forty+ people are going to meet you that evening and they are going to remember you like Beyoncé, Madonna, or Prince!

    How? By paraphrasing Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride! Start with a polite greeting. Clearly state your name. Follow up with a relevant personal connection. Close by managing your expectations. 
    "Good evening, My name is Diane. I am the Director of Membership for the Chamber of Commerce. I help members navigate and maximize their Chamber benefits and establish connections. I am also the in-house photographer so I will be interrupting your conversations to snap your picture." 

    "Good afternoon, My name is Rachel and I own Brennan's Floral Designs. I sell potted plants, seeds, gardening equipment and we specialize in custom arrangements for all occasions. My job is to make every day of your life more green and naturally beautiful."

    "Good morning. My name is Arthur Mueller and I own Mueller Funeral Homes. Our chain of fourth generation family-owned funeral parlors are here for all of your needs when you least expect to need us."  

    "Hello, my name is Kermit the Frog. I am the host of The Muppet Show and guest reporter on Sesame Street. While it isn't easy being green, I am here to entertain people of all ages by playing my banjo, singing & dancing, and sharing the stage with Fozzi Bear, Gonzo and Miss Piggy and the rest of my friends."

    For more advice on a winning delivery, click on the blog Public Speaking? You Can Do This!