• Public Speaking? You Can Do This!

    Public Speaking? You Can Do This!

    If you are a member of the Chamber, you introduce yourself a lot. Starting at the New Member Breakfast and at every Takeout Stakeout, you are asked to state your name and where you work. And every single time, you freeze, panic sets in and you dread this moment. Not anymore. Help is here. 

    Did you know there is a direct correlation between the way you speak to yourself and the way you introduce yourself to others? Leora Dowling of Leora Dowling Public Speaking Coach has the ideal analogy. Think of the three months of the year with perpetual Christmas music. You hum the tunes and know the lyrics by heart. The music generally makes you feel happy. This is the power of repetition. Now think what would happen if you spoke kindly, confidently and lovingly everyday to yourself. Every day. For three months. For the rest of your life. The power of repetition. 

    An elevator pitch should be no more than 90 seconds. No life story required. Your name, title and company name plus a memorable fact about you in your role, or something noteworthy your company does. You want your audience to remember you. Keep it light, inject some humor. And practice before your event. Watch yourself in the mirror, take a selfie video. Practice, practice, practice. 

    Any time you need to speak in public, Indeed.com recommends scoping out the venue you will be speaking in for familiarity. Take the opportunity to watch other public speakers and pay attention to their techniques. Burn off your stress beforehand with a workout or even short walk. Allow your anxiety, it's natural! 

    Elevator pitches are necessary throughout your life - interviewing, networking and in your personal life. If you are looking for a safe space to practice, join us for a Chamber program or event. We have plenty on the Chamber Events Calendar. We have programs and events of all sizes and venues. Please join us, grab a mic, and start talking! You got this!