• A Doctor’s Back to School Tips for Parents

    A Doctor’s Back to School Tips for Parents

    Back to school is often an anxiety provoking experience for both parents and kids. As summer slowly winds down and September rolls around the corner, it can be difficult to break those summer habits.

    Thankfully, we have five doctor-approved tips to help you get through the new year prep.

    Setting aside a few special moments to bond with the kids before they face a day at school is a great investment in cooperation and happiness for everyone. Because kids have spent all night in their own rooms without parental interaction, they may feel that they are missing out on spending time with parents when they have to rush in the morning to immediately leave and again be separated from parents at school.

    Getting back on track often means adjusting bedtimes well before the first day starts to ensure the kids aren’t zombies during the first week of school. Not sure how many hours of sleep your child needs? View this bedtime breakdown by Care.com.

    Changing as many morning tasks to night-before tasks may help relieve some of the a.m. rush. Laying out clothes, packing lunches, and preparing backpacks ensures a stress free morning.

    Modeling a calm approach when those first school mornings seem hectic can help prevent morning meltdowns…kids are less likely to escalate emotional intensity if the adults are low-key and calm.

    Sometimes playing music in the morning can be motivating. Back to school doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Create a fun snack for your little one to look forward to when they come home.

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