• Meditation Mondays

  • Take a Break with Us

    We know that life can be busy, and it can be stressful juggling family and work. We are guessing that you could use some TLC!

    Join us as we launch our NEW Chamber program aimed at taking care of you, our small business community. Welcome to our monthly Meditation Mondays! All it takes is half an hour (that's only 30 mins!) for us to help you put your to-do list aside, empty your head of all the chatter and truly look after yourself.

    Who will lead the meditation?

    We are thrilled to partner with Kadampa Meditation Center in Oak Park to bring you this monthly meditation. The fabulous Kelsang Chogo will lead the meditation and talk you through every step. You don't need to do anything but show up and breathe!

    What if I have never meditated before?

    No problem! We know that lots of people have never done a meditation before, but now is the time to start. We've got you covered.

    How can just sitting help me?

    Just trust us. After joining us for 30 minutes you will feel more relaxed, focused and calm. Who doesn't want more of that!

    Nervous to sit with your own thoughts?

    We truly know that sometimes it's easier to stay busy than to sit still. Does your mind start racing? Are you making to-do lists? Kelsang Chogo will help you every step of the way to calm your nerves and settle that "monkey mind."

    Where are we meeting?

    We will be meeting at The Boulevard Arcade in Oak Park, the home of Crossfunction Flexible Workspace. Operation Manager Christine Lon is committed to the mental health of our business community and has thrown open the doors of the Boulevard Arcade.


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