• HIGHLIGHTS: Chamber's unofficial notes from the Jan 29 meeting with OPEDC Civic Brand Strategy Project Team

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    Meeting Name: OPEDC Civic Brand Strategy Project

    Meeting Date: Mon., Jan. 29 @3pm

    Meeting Location: Oak Park Brewing / Hamburger Mary’s


    Type of Meeting: Project Group


    Led by: Cameron Gearen, OPEDC

    Liaison(s): Loretta Daly, OPEDC


    Chamber of Commerce Representative in Attendance: Cathy Yen, Executive Director, Liz Holt, Deputy Director, Jenny Yang, Branding and Business District Specialist


    Others attending:  Partner agency representatives from Oak Park Regional Housing Center, ResCorp, Visit Oak Park, Oak Park Area Arts Council and Downtown Oak Park


    Caveat: This document reflects the Chamber representative's own personal notes and highlights of the meeting.


    Chamber’s notes from the meeting:



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