• HIGHLIGHTS - Chamber's unofficial notes from 01.03.18 Citizens Involvement Commission Meeting (OP)

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    Meeting Name:  Citizens Involvement Commission (CIC), Village of Oak Park

    Meeting Date: Wed., Jan. 3 @7pm

    Meeting Location: Village Hall, Room 101


    Type of Meeting: VOP Commission


    Led by: Chair John Troelstrup

    Liaison(s): VOP Village Clerk Vicki Scaman


    Chamber of Commerce Representative in Attendance: Cathy Yen, Executive Director


    Caveat: This document reflects the Chamber representative's own personal notes and highlights of the meeting.  Official meeting minutes of this Public Meeting will be available for review of the VOP website once they are approved by the Commission.


    Chamber’s notes from the meeting:

    • Chamber ED gave public testimony encouraging the commissions to view Chamber’s website and business database as a resource should commissioners have a need to reach or survey business owners in town.  Chamber specifically requested help from CIC to spread the word to other commissions.

    • Chamber offered to email particular industries on behalf of CIC, which is looking to fill vacancies with residents with specific skill sets. For example, Board of Health is looking for a dentist to volunteer on the commission.

    • Copies of commission work plans for 2018 were distributed.  (Chamber will scan work plans for business-related topics so as to keep business community stakeholders informed)

    • Are there ways to work together with CIC to celebrate and recognize volunteer commissioners?  Perhaps a joint after-hours event.

    • Vicki Scaman will compile a single list of all the awards presented by commissions to create a single timeline of due dates, decisions and presentations.  (Businesses are eligible for many of these awards, so that list will be helpful to businesses.)



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