• Volunteer Spotlight - Susane Marangoni Molina

  • The Chamber could not run without the generous help of countless volunteers, so we would like recognize all the hard work they have done to support our community. We appreciate that on top of their regular jobs, they find the time to be a part of committees, host events, attend workshops and join a plethora of other volunteer opportunities. Learn more about our newest Volunteer of the Month and see what inspires them to help make the community thrive.

  • Name: Susane Marangoni Molina

    Company: My Life My Space, LLC

    Job Title(s): Consultant, Owner

  • Volunteer Role(s) at Chamber: Feng Shui & Organizing of the Chamber's commercial space, which included the synchronization of the Chamber's space with its areas of lives to improve the energy flow; the upgrade of the furniture arrangement to boost the circulation; and the highlight of the layout to enhance its employees and members' well-being.

  • Tell us a little but about your job and what you do: Life and space are more connected to each other than people can imagine. Your space location, disposition, and organization interfere in your routine for better and for worse starting with simple tasks in your day-to-day life. Thus, by transmuting your surroundings energy and putting intention on your space's decor and organization, you can enhance areas of your own life. With my consulting, I help people to master their spaces to make the most of them and to align their environment with their aspirations.

    How has volunteering at the Chamber helped you professionally? My volunteering at the Chamber was my first Feng Shui & Organizing commercial project and an opening for my career for the business consulting. I learned so much with it. Today, I am delighted with my current projects abroad that remind me of some particularities of the Chamber's project and show me that Feng Shui & Organizing transcende countries, languages, and cultures. It is about people and their energy the most.

    Tell us about a great connection you made through the Chamber. Mark Walden, Christian Harris, and Lynn Palmgren are some of the people I met at the Chamber. They are admirable professionals and each of them change people's lives either by being the best in bringing quality programs to us, by assisting people to have cleaner spaces, and by treating people's bodies

    What are a few of your favorite local businesses? This is a very tough question because the local business are great and I am always shopping local to support our community, but there are few that come to my mind, such as the Animal Care League, a place I used to volunteer and will always have my heart; FFC, where I can take quality time to myself; Grape Leaves, where I can find delicious food that fit a vegan/vegetarian diet; Carnival, for its fresh produce; Beer Shop for its delicious beer; the Sugar Beet for its great organic products.