• Volunteer Spotlight - Lee Owens

  • The Chamber could not run without the generous help of countless volunteers, so we would like recognize all the hard work they have done to support our community. We appreciate that on top of their regular jobs, they find the time to be a part of committees, host events, attend workshops and join a plethora of other volunteer opportunities. Learn more about our newest Volunteer of the Month and see what inspires them to help make the community thrive.


  • Name: Lee Owens

    Company: NameOnAnything.com, North Avenue Business Association

    Job Title(s): Promotional Advisor, President

  • Lee Owens, namonanything.com

  • Volunteer Role(s) at Chamber: I have volunteered for the OPRF Chamber Golf Tournament the last two years. Last year I was Co-Chair and will do the same in 2019. Thanks to a great team of volunteers, the OPRF Chamber Golf Tournament has gotten better each year. Last year's was one of the best ever. I also volunteer for other chamber projects when asked.

  • Tell us a little but about your job and what you do: I sell promotional products, logo apparel, trade show items, signage and anything else you can "Put Your Name On". My clients include all sizes of businesses, non-profits, organizations and anyone else who needs to get their message or brand out there and reach more customers and members.

    How has volunteering at the Chamber helped you professionally?  Being a volunteer has been a great way to help me meet more chamber members and learn what they do which makes it easier for me to make connections and gain more customers who also give me great referrals. It has also been a great way to learn more about the OPRF Chamber and what it has to offer.

    Tell us about a great connection you made through the Chamber. Can't pick one. Which is a great problem to have. I have several great relationships with chamber members and staff which have helped not only in my job but other business ventures too. Making great relationships is one of the best parts of being a OPRF Chamber member.

    What are a few of your favorite local businesses? Maya Del Sol, Lou Malinati's, Starship, Minuteman Press, Almart, and several others