• Upcoming Stop & Shop Events

    January 19 at Candycopia - MORE DETAILS

    February 23 at Val's Halla Records - MORE DETAILS

    March 15 at Jayne Oak Park - MORE DETAILS

    April 12 at Civinte Candle Bar - MORE DETAILS

    May 17 at Purple Sun Arts - MORE DETAILS

    June 21 at Good Earth Greenhouse - MORE DETAILS

    July 19 at Ten Thousand Villages - MORE DETAILS

    August 23 at Alioto's Gift Shop - MORE DETAILS 

    September 20 at Animal Care League Second Chance Shop - MORE DETAILS

    October 18 at Einnim Lifestyle - details coming soon!

    November 30 at CarefulPeach Boutique - coming soon! 

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    Please reach out to Carolyn Henning at chenning@oprfchamber.org if you would like to host a Stop & Shop event at your location!