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  • Sector Updates: Home Care & Senior Services

    A personal message from our Board - Robert Stelletello, Right At Home Home Care

    "We have closed the office for the week but are set up to work from home pretty easily with phones forwarded and internet access. The biggest challenge is that there is absolutely no access to any senior residential or care community so we are only able to market by phone and email.  I have my new marketer going through our data base and getting it cleaned and prepped for future use.  We will also use it to stay in contact with referral sources at hospitals, nursing homes, assisted and independent living communities, etc.

    We have had about a third of our clients cancel service over concerns of contagion being brought into the house.  The vast majority of our caregivers use public transportation so the potential for infection is rather high.  If public transportation is suspended we will be in dire straits!

    So far we have not had many caregivers call off.  They work hourly and only get paid if they work so the incentive to keep their shifts is high.

    Our corporate office has been providing a steady stream of contact and has held a few town hall meetings about safety and best practices.  There are a number of sales training organizations that are providing webinars about how to continue marketing and weather the storm while all senior related facilities are closed.

    Lots of anxiety and confusion among clients and families but less so among caregivers.  We are communicating regularly regarding hygiene and infection prevention practices and just hoping for the best.

    Sending good thoughts and well wishes for everyone!"


    To contact Robert about service inquires or just to commiserate, please reach out to him at bob@rahoakparkchicago.net.


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