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    About Us

    Maybe you’ve heard a little about escape rooms, but you don’t want to try it because:
    “I’m claustrophobic.”
    “The room will be too scary.”
    “I won’t be any help at all.”
    Simply call or drop by, and we’ll give you a sneak peek into the spacious rooms! In addition, the door is always unlocked in case you need to leave! Our rooms are also family-friendly; not much of a “scare factor” to them. A well designed room has something for everyone in the group, from “seekers” who like to find items, visual tasks for right-brained folks, analytical puzzles for left-brained puzzlers, and fun that involves the whole team. Enthusiasts have called us “the best in the Chicagoland area” and “top 5 globally as well”. As one customer put it, our rooms ''completely nail it in terms of story, ambiance/set design, and most importantly: puzzles.”
    New to escape rooms? Envision your team of 8 people enter a room full of game show puzzles. Someone discovers a scoreboard that opens up to reveal a safe and a scrambled word. After deciphering the word, you enter the code into the lock and open it to find a trophy. A teammate across the room calls you over and asks you to place the trophy on an empty spot in the trophy case. A small hatch opens up and you find a large key inside. Where does this key go next?
    Book a room with Escape Factor and experience this immersive and interactive room escape. With only one hour, your team will have to find clues, solve puzzles, riddles, and various brain teasers to win! Perfect for company outings, birthday parties, date nights, and other social groups!


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