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    Every week we’re taking a deep dive into topics relevant to our small business community, through interviewing some of the most innovative and influential business leaders. By sharing our collective expertise, we will empower listeners to use their own skill-set to achieve ultimate success in their business and their life.  FOR MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES CLICK HERE


  • A Unique Collaboration


    D.M. Burton LOVES all things Chamber, and the Chamber LOVES the innovation and ingenuity of entrepreneurship. What better way for us to align than develop a podcast to give our members a platform to discuss the successes and challenges of running a small business.


    Join us as we tackle timely topics head-on and fearlessly ask the hard questions.






  • Episode 14 - Rubber. Underwear & oh my!


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    What do tires, Oh- boy moments and the pioneering spirit of selling women's undergarments have in common? All this and more is happening for the magnanimous Trent Stoner, who flew the coop from an accidental career in Corporate America to seize his third generation entrepreneurial spirit here in Oak Park. Join us on location at the historic Boulevard Arcade as we talk with Trent about how making tires sexy set him up for his real passion - creating a community for entrepreneurs at CrossFunction Flexible Workspace. Need an oasis from the home office - listen in, we can tell you how!

  • Episode 13 - Cash. Bosses. Dirty Details.


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    Who's scared to talk the real-talk with their accountant? Or do you only share the good news with your bookkeeper? We at the Chamber know that cash is king, but talking about cash can be like wallowing in your own dirty laundry - nobody wants to deal with it, but it has to be done! BOSS Lady Julie Thompson knows what small business owners need and she's with us this week handing out free advice for her favorite clients - entrepreneurs. Join us and learn how going to confession with your accountant is a must for every business owner, how financial statements are like learning a whole new language. Cash is king baby and we want you to rule the roost. Listen to the BOSS and learn now!

  • Episode 12 - Tradition, Warriors, & Common Ground


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    Ever wonder what a forty-something, white, established business owner with two kids has in common with a young, black, gay, chronically single, entrepreneur? Well, there's a lot of common ground discovered in this conversation with Oak Park Village Trustee Dan Moroney. Growing up in Oak Park and the shared legacy of being OPRF alums, these two Oak Parkers discuss social justice warriors, bad branding in the face of authentic politics, backing up passion with facts and why we should vote for the Rock for president.


  • Episode 11 - Layoffs, Hookups, & Sanitation


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    Phase 4 of reopening was a long time coming for our indoor fitness facilities and nobody knows it more than Jeff Long from FFC. Join us as we talk to the General Manager of the Oak Park location as he lets us in on how the network of eleven gyms have been impacted by the Covid shutdown, what one does in an empty gym for four months and the importance of this community to the success of his facility. You might even be inspired to start working out!

  • Episode 10 (Part 2) - Crime, Fireworks, & Systemic Racism


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    We could not get enough of the sage words of Dan Haley, Executive Director of Growing Community Media (previously known as Wednesday Journal!). Come and listen to the second half of our conversation where we discuss crime, racism and unconscious bias in reporting, fireworks in social media and ruminate on being a twitter addict.


  • Episode 9 (Part 1) - Community Journalism - The Beast That Needs to Get Fed

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    Hands up - who questions what they read and hear in the news these days? For Dan Haley, being a trusted source of information has been at the forefront for his over 40 years of owning the local Wednesday Journal. Come and spend some time with Dan and learn about trust in news media, survival in a dying industry, and why every young person should see their name in print.


  • Episode 8 - Tall Buildings, Burgers & Throw Pillows


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    It's no secret that there are a few new high rises that have gone up in the past few years in Oak Park, but who is living in them and where are they coming from? Join us as we get to know Casey Gustafson, leasing agent for the new Eleven33 property on Oak Park's South Blvd. Casey will give us the inside scoop on what it's like to be a newcomer to Oak Park, about the hunger for high rise living and how our fabulous business organization gave Casey a community to call his own. july 2020


  • Episode 7 - Speaking Up with Erika Bachner

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    Our Village trustees have a lot to manage these days and River Forest Trustee Erika Bachner is no different. She has been a champion of minority rights for years and we were thrilled to have her join us in the studio to talk about advocating for undocumented members of our community, LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace and diversity in River Forest in the age of the BLM movement. july 2020


  • Episode 6 - Supporting LGBT Businesses


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    There was a lot this June that co-opted Pride month, but we are taking it back and refocusing on what matters to us - engaging LGBT employees, getting certified as an LGBT business, and how we all can support LGBT businesses in our community and throughout Chicagoland. Liz Holt, Executive Director from our OPRF Chamber joins as a co-host to a chat with Jerome' Holston, the Executive Director of the LGBT Chamber of Commerce.


  • Episode 5 - L!VISIBLE


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    Ever wonder what happens when activism, passion and entrepreneurship intertwine? Join Darien as he talks to Reesheda Graham Washington, owner of L!VE Cafe and find out. They will unpack being Black in Business, the L!VISIBLE Business Coalition and living in a real-life revolution. june 2020



  • Episode 4 - Taking Care of Your Mental Health 


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    Though not usually considered "frontline workers" mental health professionals are dealing with the Covid-19 crisis head-on, literally. Guests Vanessa Matheny from Community Mental Health Board of Oak Park Township and Annie Arnold from Riveredge Hospital share unique viewpoints on how our Chamber community is coping with this global pandemic and highlight strategies to get into a good head space, for your business, your employees and your family. may 2020


  • Episode 3 - Restaurant Pivots


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    Co-Host Alex Hutchinson from Recipe Revolution and guest Judith Lalor-Sarkine from Little Gem Restaurant discuss how restaurants were impacted by the abrupt Covid-19 shut-down and are now among the first to reopen. How can these businesses provide a unique customer experience, under a strict set of guidelines, while just trying to survive and keep the "doors open." This chat with industry veterans will give insight into what all of our food service businesses are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic. april 2020


  • Episode 2 - Majamas Earth "Small to Big"


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    Want to hear from someone not daunted by reinventing her retail business strategy during a global pandemic? We speak to Majamas Earth owner, Germaine Caprio, about taking her retail brick and mortar to a digital platform, how she has navigated the Covid-19 crisis, and how she has a clear vision for what retail will look like in the future.  april 2020

  • Episode 1 - OUR "New Normal"


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    Pivoting business models to continue to grow and operate in our "new normal" - this is what is on everyone's mind! We’ve assembled a team of local leaders who are changing up their game and weathering the storm of this Covid-19 pandemic. Guests: Corey Thomas from D.M. Burton, Sam Yousif from Fuller Health Group, Marissa Grott from andthentherewaswell and Constance Contursi from Hit it Fitness. march 2020