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  • The Women in Business Affinity Group is a group of strong, smart and supportive business professionals who meet twice a month to network and foster personal and professional growth. Different professional development topics are discussed each meeting, facilitated by a group member or local expert.

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  • When Does this Group Meet?

    Generally, the Women in Business Affinity Group meets on the first and third Friday of every month from 9am - 10:30am.

    Where Does this Group Meet?

    In most instances, we meet at the Main Branch Library at 834 Lake Street in Oak Park, IL. The meeting room is on the second floor, behind the gallery space.

    Occasionally we have evening social gatherings, or meet at the regular time in another inspiring space in the Village. Please check the Chamber's Community Calendar for details and to confirm the location.

    Want Regular Updates?

    If you'd like to get involved and receive regular updates on what the Young Professionals are up to, just send an email to Mark Walden (mwalden@oprfchamber.org) to get added to our mailing


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  • Discussion Topics for 2019

    Date Discussion Topics Presenter
    1/18/19 Swimming with the Sharks Coach Linda Berger
    2/1/19 Wait...I need to tweet and what else...? Social Media know-how Alison VerHalen
    2/15/18 I Love you to death - Breaking up with a Client TBD
    3/1/19 Sneeze, pee and jumping jacks - Women's Health TBD
    3/15/19   TBD
    4/5/19 Grants and Donors and Fees, Oh My! Starting or supporting a NFP TBD
    4/19/19 Time Blocking - Why do it and how it can change your life TBD
    5/3/19 When do I need to hire and how to find employees TBD
    5/17/19 Meditation and mindfulness - centre your chi TBD
    6/7/19 Post Economic Lunch debrief - tell us what you thought! TBD
    6/21/19 Party! Bi-annual evening social TBD
    7/5/19 YMCA - It takes a village (people) TBD
    7/19/19 Survey your life transitions TBD
    8/2/19 End Game - Selling your business - Why you should think about this now and not in the future. TBD
    8/16/19 embracing impeeeerrfection TBD
    9/6/19 Benefits and challenges of tech powered businesses TBD
    9/20/19 Boundaries - Where do you draw the line? TBD
    10/4/19 Moving conversation to action TBD
    10/18/19 Vision Quest - Envisioning and projecting success TBD
    11/1/19 Saving Space - Going from a home office to a real office TBD
    11/15/19 Pet Peeves (oldie but a goodie!) TBD
    12/6/19 The importance of being ernest (and pre-planning) TBD
    12/20/19 Let's crow about our greatest achievements of 2019 TBD

    Want to be a Presenter?

    Do you want to take on a leadership role in the Chamber? Do you see a topic that you could teach the group about? Then email Julie Thompson right now and tell her why you are amazing and how you can help other women be amazing now! Email Julie at bosslady@myawesomeboss.com.