• Join us on a journey through the landscape of Artificial Intelligence, exploring its impact on businesses of all sizes. The launch of ChatGPT democratized AI technology, igniting an ongoing AI race. We invite you to our 8th annual Economic Symposium to discuss how AI can elevate productivity across organizations, demystify its workings, and tackle the question on everyone's mind: will the robots take over?

    For those who've already purchased tickets, we're thrilled to confirm your automatic registration for this reimagined event. And if you bought a table, you now have ten front row seated tickets for the keynote!

    We regret any inconvenience caused by the date change but are confident this shift will result in an event that's more vibrant, insightful, and impactful.

    Anticipate riveting discussions, enlightening insights, and opportunities to network with like-minded professionals at the OPRF Chamber Economic Symposium on November 15th, 2023.


    UPDATED: Event Format:

    6:00-6:25 PM: Arrivals,Cocktails & Appetizers

    6:25-6:30 PM: Welcomes from Event Chair and Staff

    6:35-7:15 PM: Dive into Breakout Session 

    7:20-8:00 PM: Get inspired by our captivating Keynote

  • This Year's Speakers: 


    Keynote: Jose Ochoa, Publicis Sapient

    Title: Building Tomorrow's Giants: AI-Enabled Entrepreneurial Strategies for Small business


    Breakout Speakers


    Tim Currie; Wipro

    Title: Beyond Transactions: Exploring the intersection of AI and Consumerism 


    Yovana Rosales; Making Líder Moves podcast

    Title: Confronting Burnout and AI Bias: Strategies for Thriving in Your Business and Self-Care with AI Unveiled


    Dr. Zamir; Dominican University

    Title: Empowered Economics; How to use AI in Decision Making

  • Highlights from 2022 7th Annual Economic Luncheon