• UPDATE - May 17, 2023

    We know that AI is a HOT TOPIC right now. That's why we chose this for our Economic Lunch this year!

    This industry is so hot that all of our confirmed speakers were each pulled onto immediate projects that could not be avoided, making them unavailable for our event on very short notice.

    Everyone is committed to being a part of this conversation and will be part of our rescheduled event.

    Check back soon for a new date! 


  • Topic Summary

    RISE OF THE ROBOTS: How artificial intelligence is driving innovation and transforming society.


    The Launch of ChatGPT brought Artificial Intelligence technology to the masses however, the AI race has been happening for many years. Join the Oak Park-River Forest Chamber of Commerce as they explore how Artificial Intelligence is changing the business landscape for organizations of all sizes.


    How can you use AI to increase productivity across your organization?


    How does it even work? Will the robots take over?


    These questions and more will be discussed at our 8th annual Economic Lunch. 

  • Highlights from 2022 7th Annual Economic Luncheon