• Oak Park Holiday Decor Program

  • The Holiday Season is almost here!

    This is a critical time for our businesses and we want to do everything we can to encourage customer traffic.  Holiday decor is one way to make our business districts more inviting to shoppers.

    With a generous grant from the Village of Oak Park, the Chamber of Commerce has collaborated with business district leadership and McAdam Landscaping to bring an affordable, festive solution to the pedestrian-oriented districts*. 

    We are recommending natural spruce garland wrapped around each pedestrian lamp post (not the large, gooseneck street lights).  In districts were the posts have electricty, we will add white lights.  Poles that do not have electricty will have a wreath instead of lights.

  • To fund the project, we need businesses to sponsor individual lamp posts.  The cost is $150 per pole in the busier districts (Hemingway, Arts District and Pleasant) and $100 per pole in the districts with less foot traffic.  Each sponsored pole will have a decorative, weatherproof "gift tag" sign affixed to it, featuring the sponsor's logo.  Businesses within each district will receive priority for purchasing the sponsorships.

    Garland & Lights 34 52 45 22 25 + 10
    Garland & Wreath   11


  • Sponsor Signs:

    We will honor and promote each lamp post sponsor with a festive "gift tag" shaped sign tied at eye-level to the sponsored lamp post.

    Signage will be weatherproof and affixed with festive red ribbon.  The design of the signs will be the same in each district, promoting a uniform look and feel.  Each sign will prominently feature the logo of the sponsoring business.

    Businesses are welcome to purchase as many signs / sponsor as many lamp posts as they choose. 

  • Questions?

    Contact the Chamber or your Business District leadership.

    Chamber voicemail:  708.613.0550

    Leave a message and we'll call you back ASAP


    Chamber email:



    When do I need to decide about sponsorship?

    Let us know by Nov. 10 about sponsorship so we can create the signs.  After then, we'll take additional orders, but the signs won't be available until early December.

    How do I register?

    Click here to reserve your sponsored lamp posts.

    Where do I send my logo?

    Please send a JPG, PDF or PNG to decor@oprfchamber.org. If you ahve a square logo, that will maximize the space.

    * Districts Included:

    Arts District, Hemingway, Pleasant, Southtown, Chicago-Austin, Chicago-Harlem and Lake-Austin

    * Why just these ones?

    In this first year, we are focusing only on districts with the decorative pedestrian lamp posts.  In the future, we'll look into options for the arterial districts (Madison, Roosevelt and North).  Downtown Oak Park has its own holiday decor program, funded through its SSA property tax assessment.

    When will they be installed?

    McAdam Landscaping will install the decor in mid-to-late November.

    When will they be taken down?

    We have some flexibility here; current plan is to take down teh decor at the end of January.

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