• Simple SEO for Your Business

    Simple SEO for Your Business

    What is SEO?
    SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, which is the way that you can increase the likelihood of people searching the net (using a Search Engine like Google, Yahoo! or Bing) and finding you and your business. Or put another way: how can you and your company turn up higher on the list of search results for anyone searching for your product or service?
    How can you increase your SEO?
    Successful SEO is a combination of key words on your website, social media exposure and links to your web site from other sites on the web. We at the Chamber assume that most of our members do not have a dedicated SEO professional (yes, that’s a thing!), so if you are going at it alone, here are a few simple tips on how you can start to have better SEO:

    • Think about how people are finding you on the web. What words are people entering into their search box to find you or your product/service? Try and seed your text on your web page with these words. WARNING – don’t put too many and avoid listing them! Google knows if the text on your site is just repeating the same words over and over again. Google may actually penalize you for this and
    • Think about what distinguishes you from other like products/services. What are the words that describe how you stand out? Talk about how you stand apart from others on your web site or social media posts.
    • Are you known for a particular product or service? Are there colloquial words/phases that are used to describe your product/service? Remember that there may be a difference between what your product/service should be called and what consumers actually call it. Try and use both technical and colloquial terms in your on-line information.
    How can my Chamber membership help me with my SEO?
    Every member of the Chamber has a Member Profile Page – this is what people see when they find your company on our website. Make sure that you:
    - Complete every section of the “Website Information” tab:

    Including the “Web Description” section:

    Make sure that you seed your text with some of your key SEO words!

    -List all of your key SEO words in the section called “Keywords”, right at the bottom of the page.

    This is your chance to literally list all of your key product/service SEO words.

    TIPS when thinking about your SEO words on your Chamber Profile Page
    • You can change your words at any time. So if you have a new product that it taking off, make sure that your SEO words reflect this new trend.
    • Think about adjectives, as well as nouns/verbs to describe your product/service. Are blue shoes, or green tile the rage this year?