• Your Chamber: a Mecca for Gratitude

    Your Chamber: a Mecca for Gratitude

    For many, November means Thanksgiving and a month of extra kindness full of 30-Day gratitude challanges. Hashtags with Gratitude or Grateful suddenly flood social media. Being a member of a Chamber of Commerce means you have reasons to be grateful and show gratitude all year round. 

    Big and small gestures do not go unnoticed in the Chamber world. We are eternally grateful to so many for all they do. We have volunteers who show up to every monthly program with a smile and kind words to welcome new members. We have Chamber family members who enthusiastically show up after being 'volun-told' they will be joining in a program and working the entire afternoon. 

    We have our Board of Directors. They do not get paid to whole heartedly invest their free time in their business community and make it a better place. Thank you Directors for tirelessly being the voice for the small business owner who often feels unheard and unseen. 

    To our Executve Director, who is too often the sounding board for any and every issue that arises for members, Board, Chamber staff, business owners, local government employees, neighboring municipalities and everyone in between. Thank you for lending an ear, cracking a joke, and always having the right thing to say. 

    Thank you to Chamber employees. Whether full-time or part-time, behind the scenes or in front of everyone, you give 100% to make each program and event run smoothly, make members feel seen and heard and make the Chamber look like the most fun, engaged organization in town. (Because we know we are!) 

    Lastly, thank you to our members. Without you, we would not be here. You welcome new members with open arms. You host our meetings, our networking programs and generously sponsor annual events. You cook for us, let us constantly take your photo, and you reliably show up to support and celebrate your fellow Chamber members at every opportunity. You invite your neighbors to join the Chamber, you always have a vetted referral for anyone who needs it and you always lend a hand whenever Chamber staff calls with a needed favor. 

    The cliche "it takes a village," is synonymous to Chamber life. One branch of the organization could not survive without the others. Everyone is connected in more ways than they can imagine. Be grateful for those around you. Be grateful for those who have your back, personally and professionally. Be grateful to those who are invested in your business thriving because we all believe when any business thrives, we all thrive. Is Chamber life as smooth as a 1950's TV show? Hardly. But at the end of the day, we are here for one another. We care. We support you and your business and we want you to join our Chamber family so you can thrive too. 

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