• StayCation in Cook County

    StayCation in Cook County

    Everyone is squeezing in those last minute vacations before going back to school. If you can't afford the time and expense of traveling out of state, consider driving to the next town. When was the last time you went to Berwyn, Austin, Forest Park, or Maywood? Now is the perfect time to meet your neighbors. 

    Cross Roosevelt Road and you're in Berwyn. Check out the new Berwyn Shops on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I picked up homemade soy candles, flavored popcorn, BBQ sauce and a sweater. Afterwards walk down to Fitzgerald's for some live music and delicious BabyGold barbeque

    If driving to the Arboretum is too far for you, check out the Parks District in Forest Park. Family friendly activities will keep everyone dancing, swimming, creating music and engaged in sports and literature. Lots of amazing local shopping and dining in Forest Park too. If you're hungry when you leave Forest Park, it's your own fault! 

    Looking for something different to do or a new restaurant to try?  Austin is the place for you. Big fan of quintessential Chicago architecture? Austin is the place for you. (I drive east on Chicago, Washington or Randolph as often as I can. Simply gorgeous...) Try Schweet's Homemade Cheesecake, Big Shrimpin', or Two Sisters Catering. Need to brush up on that golf swing or looking to connect with nature and local wildlife with each change in seasons? Austin's Columbus Park is for you. The surrounding trail is ideal for the morning bike ride or brisk walk. 

    Just west of Thatcher Woods is Maywood. Home of eleven parks, a 90,000 book library, the Illinois National Guard and A & M Italian Ice

    If leaving the comforts of home is not on the agenda, we have you covered. Check out the OPRF Chamber of Commerce Events Calendar and Visit Oak Park

    More than ever, now is the perfect time to explore local villages and meet your neighbors!