• So Many Reasons and They're All Good Ones!

    So Many Reasons and They're All Good Ones!

    If you are like me, you grew up on a block surrounded by multiple families with more kids than you could count. Neighborhood kids rock. Next came high school and college when you met your Besties you still send holiday cards to and vacation with every year. But now you are in the real world, just opened your own business and your need a new set of BFF's - the professional kind that have your back and give you referrals and understand your business plight. You need to join the Chamber! 

    Do you even know what a Chamber of Business does? Truth be told, Chambers serve different purposes in different communities. Some are affiliated with the local governing body and some are independent nonprofits. But I'm fairly confident all of them have a long list of reasons they want you to join their prestigious ranks. I'd like to share a list of the top Twenty Reasons you should join the OPRF Chamber of Commerce. In no particular order...

    1. Family: members have your back personally and professionally
    2. Loyalty: chamber members are fiercely loyal to chamber businesses
    3. Advocacy: we work for you while you are working thanks to Sam, Rob and Liz
    4. Social: variety of programs and events to fit your schedule and style
    5. Sponsorships: multiple opportunities to showcase your business all year round
    6. Ribbon Cuttings: whatever you are celebrating, we'll be there!
    7. Referrals: someone always "has a guy"
    8. Marketing: newsletters, eBlasts, open mic at programs and so much more
    9. Community engagement: DIOV, OaktoberFest, diaper & tampon drive, gifted memberships, and more
    10. Diversity: consciously diversify our Board of Directors and embrace our BIPOC business owners
    11. Chamber Staff: we're fun, feisty, and love our jobs
    12. Multichannel resources: up-to-date information from villages, Cook County and gov't bodies
    13. Local-centric: we live here, work here, go to school here, eat here, shop here (you will see us everywhere)
    14. Fun: just follow ups on social media - we're a blast! 
    15. Sense of belonging: we are your tribe, your new besties, your OG, your Go-TO, your DayOne 
    16. Options: multiple membership tiers to fit your needs, goals and budget
    17. Accessibility: a live friendly person is always will to answer questions - staff or fellow chamber member
    18. Networking: endless possibilities if you take advantage of them (we'll even help you with your elevator pitch!)
    19. Generational: multiple generations of the same family have been members of the chamber
    20. Just because: we rock! The OPRF Chamber is the most engaged, fun, supportive chamber in the western suburbs

    I know you're now super excited about the Chamber, but there's more - click HERE for join during the month of October and receive three FREE months of membership. OMG is right!! That's 15 months for the price of twelve! Already a member? Fantastic - renew in October and receive three extra months. Looking forward to seeing all of you at our next program!