• New Year, Same You, Just Better

    New Year, Same You, Just Better

    Every January social media is flooded with resolutions about exercise, eating clean and exclamations of "New Year, New You!"  To quote the 80's, gag me with a spoon.

    What if you genuinely like your life right now? What if you love your family (every weird member,) like your colleagues (some of us actually do,) and look forward to work each day (these situations exist.) What if you are not looking for dramatic resolutions that will fail at the first sight of Easter candy and what if we are looking for subtle but impactful lifestyle changes that will better our entire community? 

    Join your Chamber of Commerce. Chambers in each community have different focuses but the underlying similar message is bettering the local community. Many chambers can boast their local business owners live where they work. These business owners attend religious services locally and their kids attend school locally as well. 

    2023 is supposed to be a kinder year. A year full of patience and acceptance. Join your local chamber today, become involved in their affinity groups, find your tribe, increase your business and have a memorable but quiet year. 

    Interested in the OPRF Chamber? We think you'll like what you see - click HERE.