• How LGBTQ+ Friendly and Safe is YOUR Business?

    How LGBTQ+ Friendly and Safe is YOUR Business?

    The year is half over and June is only a few days away. June is National Pride Month and the OPRF Chamber prides itself on being an LGBTQ+ safe and friendly organization. But the businesses in the OPRF community and beyond can always do better, do a little bit more to make our LGBTQ+ customers and clients feel welcome and feel safe. 

    Please join the more than 190,000 businesses who already identify themselves as Transgender Safe Spaces and LGBTQ+ Friendly. We as a business community need to celebrate these safe spaces and make them uncomplicated to locate (and not just during the month of June). It's quite simple - click here for a step-by-step guide to update your Google profile.  

    Identifying your business or office space as LGBTQ+ Friendly and as a Transgender Safe Space is advantageous for your ROI. (Read more from The Guardian.) Stock prices of companies with inclusive corporate cultures have gone up over 6%. An LGBTQ+ inclusive business culture has positive impacts on recruitment and retention as well. Your small business may not offer stock options, but you can offer a work environment where all of your employees feel comfortable and supported being their authentic selves. After all, happy employees are productive employees. 

    If you're unsure where or how to begin to promote your business as a Transgender Safe Space and LGBTQ+ Friendly, June is the perfect opportunity. Here are seven easy steps to make your business your community's first choice when they think of "LGBTQ+ friendly places near me." If you need some stepping stones, join us on Wednesday May 25, for Pride Marketing 101.

    Please keep in mind, the number of people who identify as LGBTQ+ in this country has more than doubled in ten years, from 3.5% to 7.1%.  There is an entire population waiting to hear the words, "You Are Welcome Here!" Living in Oak Park or River Forest, you are all too familiar with the countless tourists who visit while in Chicago and the Midwest every year. But did you know the LGBTQ+ population spends over $100 billion on travel?! 

    If you do not personally identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, please be an ally. A true ally all year long, 365, 24/7. You, and your business, will be glad that you are!