• Gentlemen, This One is For You

    Gentlemen, This One is For You

    The month of June holds special meaning to me because June means Father's Day and my sister and I were raised by a single dad. June is also Men's Health Month

    Mammograms, annual OBGYN appointments, counselors, therapists, girlfriend brunches - women typically have support to maintain their mental, physical and emotional well being. But what about men? Do men remind each other to get their prostate checked? Annual appointment with their cardiologist? Reminders to find a therapist? Do men and their peer groups check in with each other similar to women? "Hey, going to my urologist next week - did you schedule your annual yet?" "How's that new therapist working out, what's his name again? I need to schedule an appointment." 

    Studies have shown that men simply do not invest as much time into their personal health, especially their mental health. Depression is deadlier in men than women. Discussing any mental health issues still carries a strong stigma. Over 75 percent of the suicide victims in the United States are male, with one man taking his own life every 20 minutes. Men of color, often raised with ideals of toxic masculinity, are even less likely to seek help for depression or substance abuse, instead choosing to suffer in silence. 

    However, men's mental health is having a moment, thanks to NBA star Ben Simmons and others who are paving the way. Minority and male counselors are in high demand and changing the landscape of acceptable masculinity.   

    There is help locally. Within the Chamber, there are multiple resources available to help you become your favorite version of yourself.
    Riveredge Hospital
    West Suburban Hospital Outpatient Behavior Health Center
    Urban Wellness Counseling
    Mosaic Counseling and Wellness
    Empower Family Therapy 
    IFC Individual & Family Connection    
    Thrive Counseling Center    
    LifeSpan Counseling     
    Mindful TMS Neurocare and Psychiatric Services    
    Hope Psychological Services PLLC    
    Behavioral Learning    

    If you are more comfortable with anonymity, please contact these national services:
    Text GO to 741741 - the Crisis Text Line is a 24/7 global non-profit organization of trained crisis counselors.
    800-273-8255 - 24/7 confidential National Suicide Prevention Hotline 
    800-950-6264 - National Alliance on Mental Health, Mon-Fri 10am-10pm EST

    And if you simply just need a hug, please reach out to any Chamber staffer. All of us willingly dispense huge rib-cracking hugs for free, 24/7. No questions asked. Consider it a Member Benefit.