• Helping kids transition back to in-person learning

    Helping kids transition back to in-person learning

    The transition from virtual to in person school comes with a great deal of change and BIG emotions. But, fear not, parents, we are going to help you all ease into the transition and successfully get back into the swing of learning in-person again. 


    Healthy habits: Talk to your child about what it will feel like to wear a mask all day and practice social distancing at school. Let your child share their thoughts and feelings before rushing in with solutions or suggestions.

    Friendships: Prepare your child with the social skills they need to reconnect with old friends and make new ones by helping them come up with questions to ask new friends.

    Goals: Help your child develop 3 goals they want to work toward being back in person. Encourage them to think about ways they would like to improve upon their experience virtual learning and things they can do to reach the goals they set.

    New Beginnings: Talk through what is the same and what is different since the pandemic began. Lunch time might look different, it might be hard to be around so many people again, it might feel strange to have assigned seats on the bus. It might feel really hard to be apart all day after so much time together.

    Organization: To help kids know what to expect, create a calendar for the student that can be posted in the house including, due dates, upcoming events and any afterschool activities.

    Preparation: Feeling prepared helps reduce anxiety, so make your child an interactive part of the preparation. Let your kids put their own spin on their school supplies.

    Motivation: Plan something for them to look forward too, maybe even start a count down. Having something to stay excited about helps kids to remain motivated and positive.


     Relaxation: Create a list of ways your child can relax for them to choose from and schedule down time into their daily routines.

    “How can I help?”: Try and acknowledge triggers and clues that your child is beginning to feel overwhelmed or worried and encourage them to ask for help. Check in with them as the school year progresses.

    Going gets too tough: If you notice a drastic behavior change or your child seems stuck, reach out to your school counselor or an outside therapist. IFC is always happy to help! Email us at hello@ifccounseling.com or call 773-270-0469.


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