• Healthy Tips For An Excellent Golf Outing

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    Danielle Duley from RIC's Ability Lab, shares the following tips, to help ensure a healthy 18 holes! 

    Golfer elbow can be due to improper swing or putting technique

    Consider warming up before the 18 hole course!


    • To decrease strain on your elbows and forearm, move from the larger joints as much as possible, such as your shoulders and hips



    • Perform stretches to low back with backward bending



    • Avoid flexing/bending the wrist when striking the ball



    • Extend your elbow as your bend your palm down to stretch your forearm extensors



    • Keep the knees bent and dynamic, weight shifting from your legs to increase the power of your swing



    • Stand and lean forward from the hips with knee extended to stretch your hamstrings



    • Keep the ear, shoulders and hips aligned as much as possible, to avoid placing additional strain on your low back



    • Stretch between holes!


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