• Add Your Company Logo to Your Chamber Profile Page

    Add Your Company Logo to Your Chamber Profile Page

    Did you know that you can add your company’s logo to your member information page? This way whenever someone visits your page or you post something, your brand logo will be present. There are plenty of reasons why logo usage is important to small businesses; a logo is your company’s identity, distinguishes you from your competition and is a major factor in brand loyalty. We'll cover more detailed marketing and branding best practices in future Chamber Tips.

    The thing is, it’s a simple procedure through the member portal and should not take more than 5 minutes, (10 if you have to track down the image files) and it will keep your branding associated to your account for whenever you post or your business info page is viewed.
    Log into your Chamber member account and go directly to the Company Information page.

    Scroll down the left side menu until you see Logos, click on Logos.

    Scroll down the logos gallery page until you see both Member Logo and Search Results Icon. The following process works for both of them, but note that when uploading a file the sizes for both are not the same pixel resolution (150x100 max for Member Logo and 75x75 for Search).
    Under Member Logo you will see a Image Not Assigned placeholder, click on Add Image

    To find your company’s logo browse where you keep the images for your company’s branding, whether it’s on Google Drive or your device’s hard drive. Make sure you choose one that fits the maximum size for image uploading mentioned above.

    Once you have the correct logo uploaded it will show a thumbnail of that image, confirm that you want it uploaded by hitting Save Changes.

    Remember, it’s important to keep your brand present whenever you are communicating, and your logo is always communicating your brand identity with or without you.