• Give the gift of LOCAL.  Help keep our dollars LOCAL. 


    Participation in this program is FREE for OPRF Chamber members.


    What is the "Shop Local OPRF " Digital Gift Card?

    This is a digital gift card for anyone who wants their spending dollars to stay local!

    The card is sent via email to the recipient and can be used at any of the participating locations.

    "Want to buy a coffee or grab a massage with your give card? No problem! Want to pay your dentist co-pay or buy those new walking shoes? This gift card can be used with any participating vendor!"

    Why should you participate?

    Because you want to ride the huge wave of support in our community for shopping and staying local for the holidays.

    AND because it's a FREE for members and you don't want to miss out on all the marketing of your business!

    Want to see who has already signed up? CLICK HERE to see a full list of participating vendors.


    Are there fees to participate?

    Sign-up is FREE to OPRF Chamber members, but you MUST you must opt-in to participate.

    There are no additional fees for merchants.

    Easy transactions : Merchants run gift card as a MASTERCARD transaction (regular credit card transaction fees will still apply).

    What comes with your registration?

    • Listed as a participating business, including your business name, location and tagged on the location map;

    • Highlighted in the launch campaign to the local and surrounding community;

    • Included as a participating vendor in a Gift Guide;
    • Opportunity to feature your business in a 10sec video; AND 

    • Periodically featured throughout the year as we market annual holiday to the community.


    How do I register to participate? 

    Send an email to Jenny Yang, jyang@oprfchamber.org to receive an email sent by Yiftee, our technology partner, to ACTIVATE your participation.

    Detailed instructions are given in the ACTIVATION email.

    Not a member of the OPRF Chamber? No problem!! CLICK HERE to get all the information on non-member registration!

    Have any questions or interested in additional marketing opportunities,  such as your merchant logo on the digital gift card?

    Contact Jenny Yang.  jyang@oprfchamber.org 917.653.5524