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    Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers Responding to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), May 2020 - CLICK HERE.
    Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility - CLICK HERE
    Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces, Workplaces, Businesses, Schools, and Homes - CLICK HERE
    - Restore Illinois Guidelines Phase 4 for Offices - CLICK HERE
    - Restore IL Industry Phase 4 Toolkit for Offices - CLICK HERE
    - Restore Illinois - State Governor's Phased Plan for Reopening the EconomyCLICK HERE
    - Tribune Article - " How will Illinois reopen? Three charts breaking down Pritzker’s plan" - CLICK HERE

    - "READY TO REOPEN – A Playbook for your Small Business" from US Chamber - CLICK HERE.

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    Pritzker Phase 4 Announcement (June 22, 2020) - CLICK HERE

    Pritzker Phase 3 Announcement (May 24, 2020) - CLICK HERE



    - How to talk to your staff about returning to work - from the Atlantic - CLICK HERE

    - Return to Work Checklist from ADP - CLICK HERE


  • Ideas

    • Conduct operations from within non-customer-facing office spaces (standalone and within multi-tenant buildings)
    • Examples of businesses operating within offices include (non-exhaustive): legal services, accounting services, architectural/engineering design
    • Note: Organizations that operate across multiple workplace environments should refer to applicable Phase IV guidelines for guidance on those workplaces​
    • Note: As of release, offices may operate at maximum occupancy of 50% of office capacity. Capacity restrictions will be reassessed based on the latest science and public health metrics on an ongoing basis throughout Phase IV



    Take the OPRF Chamber Safety Pledge and show your clients and customers that you are serious about their safety. CLICK HERE to take the pledge NOW!



    PPE Equipment
    • Work with other businesses to buy PPE (larger orders = lower cost)
    • Make sure to order ahead of time due to delivery delays
    • Some looking for a source for higher grade PPE for in-home client visits

    PPP Loan
    • Seek advice from accountant/attorney/banker about PPP loan forgiveness
    • American Express loan
    • Check with your payroll service to get required reports for PPP reporting

    Current Operations
    • Team management working well through conference calls
    • Communicate with your team on a regular basis. Get their feedback. Record
    calls for reference.
    • Put as much educational and other info online to keep your clients engaged
    • Sue Reardon mentioned using Loom https://www.loom.com/

    Client & Employee Safety/Getting Back to Business
    • Start a plan/have a checklist for what needs to be done prior to reopening
    • Determine what cleaning procedures look like going forward
    • Decide if you will be checking temps and screening customers/employees
    • Some are asking clients to wash hands when they enter and/or providing
    hand sanitizing stations
    • Many are following a ‘no entrance without mask’ policy
    • Communicate with your employees to find out what will make them feel safe
    • Survey clients to determine what the most and least important steps you can
    take to make them they can safely return to your business (Aging Care used a
    consultant to create their survey)
    • It’s all about optics. Make sure your messaging is clear and concise about all
    you are doing to keep everyone safe/healthy
    • How many employees will you bring back/ be sure you know
    • Unanswered question: Will partitions between workspaces be considered
    ‘good enough’ for the distancing rule? Need guidance on requirements.

    • Be flexible. Change the layout of your space to accommodate regulations
    • We expect to continue a high level of remote working for the foreseeable
    future. Social distancing and lack of childcare prevent many from going back
    to work. Some will have a skeleton staff in the office at any given



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