Re-Imaging IDEAS


    Helpful ideas from our business network to pivot, re-image, and make opportunities.



  • Pivoting Marketing Strategies



    April-June 2020

    Market Shifts and Opportunities

    SHIFT: Cancellation of large-scale events


    ---- Small- and mid-size event planning

    ---- Re-connecting events

    especially those resulting from no travel

    ---- Family reunions

    ---- Friend reunions

    ---- Postponed weddings

    ---- Memorial services

    ---- Staycations

    ---- Identify what categories of event-goers will be looking for something to do?

      - Athletes

      - Music fans

      - LGBTQ


    SHIFT: - Businesses have closed


    ---- Guiding people through re-opened businesses

    ---- More products through vending machines

    ---- Set up displays for online sales, in empty storefronts


    SHIFT: Unemployment


    ---- Resume writing

    ---- Life coaching

    ---- Business startup assistance

    ---- Personal branding

    ---- Helping people sell personal possessions

    ---- Re-selling personal property

    ---- Appraisal of family heirlooms


    SHIFT: People have been inactive, unable to try on clothes


    --- Potential boom in clothing sales for those who've changed sizes

    --- Consignment for people getting rid of clothes


  • April-June 2020

    Take your business Virtual

    New virtual platforms businesses are using during Shelter-In.


    Open Broadcaster Software is a free and open-source cross-platform streaming and recording program built with Qt and maintained by the OBS Project

    OBS is Ellen's suggested platform for interactive calls - check out the Wonder Works site

    From PlayWorks https://obsproject.com/


    Lucia Gascue-Carol suggests using cardboard VR headset (can be used with android cellphones or iphones) for interactive home tours


    Darien suggests hit-it-off beta testing, for party-like app, Vimeo, Adobe Spark, Splice is a mobile video editing app

    DJWess suggests bombbomb.com, https://bombbomb.com/blog/learn-video-email-bombbomb-academy/

    Lucia Gascue-Carol suggests interior designers recommending reevio.com for video editing


    Mark's suggestions: 

    1) subscriptions - great time to focus on home delivery

         example: what if a toy store started a monthly board game subscription service?  or a gift shop did a fancy soap of the month?


    2) promote early holiday shopping - Christmas in April - do your shopping now while you have time!

           offer layaway, so people don't have to store the item.  


    3) gifts! - people are thinking more about supporting others

           gift-wrapped scones or tea or booze, with a card that says I miss seeing you


    4) add-ons - order XXX, get a free roll of TP!  home-baked cookies!  whatever!  


    5) entertain the kids - how can your product be part of a game or learning experience?


    6) get goofy in your store while no one's there - dance party of one, crazy outfit day, whatever - gives you fun,

        shareable social media posts.  (inspired by Amanda at Trends)


    7) remind people you exist - send thank you cards, share an inspiring post each day, have a joke of the day, song of the day, whatever people will pay a minute's attention to...


    8) collaborate with the business next door - curbside pickup partnerships make it convenient for the shopper      two missions accomplished in one.  Example: with Papaspiros dinner order, also pick up crackers, olives, 

         and cheese from Olive & Well for a Mediterranean snack the next day


    9) create a sustainer package - a membership with special sales and discounts?  a supporter's wall

         recognizing those who spend more than $XX during this time?

         example: a bar creates a "Regulars" wall, taking photos of patrons when they come by to pick up an

         order, promises to keep it up for two months after re-opening.  Or plans a supporters-only free night with

         live music after they open.  Or a women's shoe store creates a "Sole Sisters" program with footprints

         on the wall naming any customer who spends more then $300 this month.


    10) partner with someone who's still open - if you're closed and the grocery store is open, and their shelves have been cleared out - get some of your stock onto their shelves!

        example: an art studio sells postcards and greeting cards of their work in the paper products aisle of an

        independent grocery store


    11) have a contest - best WFH use of the product, caption this photo, who should get this as a gift, ....?

         example: an empty hotel stages a nightly interactive murder mystery series via Facebook Live, with the

             owners as actors, and clues in different hotel rooms - their followers can ask questions and the first

             to solve the mystery get a free stay


    12) find new platforms on which to sell - FB Marketplace, OfferUp, LetGo, Craigslist, eBay, Instagram, Twitter - whatever you're not already using


    13) add a charity component - help your customers help those in need; differentiate yourself; demonstrate your sensitivity to the moment.  Example - for each pizza ordered the restaurant donates a can of tomato

         sauce to Beyond Hunger; for each dog bed or crate ordered the pet shop donates a bag of dog food to the Animal Care League


    14) add personalization - if your volume is down and you've got more time, put that time to work - customize your product, your delivery, or your marketing.  Examples: anyone who buys a car this month gets monogrammed floor mats, or if you order a piece of jewelry worth $500 or more it gets delivered with a bouquet of flowers and a card, or if you buy new mattress it gets delivered accompanied by a singing telegram

  • Marketings Ideas 


    -Designed to bring customers to web site.  Post web site as banner at back of window display.  More merchandise in window - show in real life what customers can only see virtually on web site.  Add more lighting, flags, balloons, whatever to draw the eye.  24-hour sales - light it at night; it doesn't matter that store hours aren't at night!  

    -Location is irrelevant.  who are your industry neighbors, not your physical neighbors? - create online connections with them.  Examples: Papaspiros or Kalamata Kitchen, and Olive & Well - common customers like Mediterranean food


    Other ideas:

    -Window displays - generally designed to bring customers into store

    -Store location - designed to attract customers in a particular geographic area, in conjunction with surrounding stores. 

    -Social media:  Get creative, think shareable - and incentivize sharing

    -Create a GoFundMe to fund giving product/service to frontline people - offer a discount, but acknowledge people are helping a small business as well as recipients.  

     don't forget Kickstarter - got any innovations you want to implement?  allows creative incentives, also can be a means for direct sale.

    -Text marketing - hire a firm or DYI

    -Sidewalk chalk


    -Flyers - think cardtstock that can be tucked into doors or behind mailboxes, so no need to touch 500 doors


    -Bumper stickers - don't have to stick them on your bumper permanently!


    -Consignment at cost to nonprofits for charity auctions


    -Barter - what do you have, what do you need?  


    -How do you get a presence at grocery stores?  hardware stores?  whatever else is left open?


     -Give away logo face masks!  


    -What can one do with empty streets?  What if Selleria Veneta did a nighttime fashion show parade on Lake Street, projecting their logo onto the street from above, for the residents of the high-rises above?


    -What if instead of selling a product, you re-imagine yourself as selling a service?  confidence building, fitness, art appreciation?  could Selleria share tips from a model coach on how to walk with confidence, could Lively share gait analysis or nutrition, could GPTetrev share insight from a museum pottery curator?


    -How can you access currently unused space - in empty storefronts, in stores temporarily closed?  set up window displays, or just posters?  rotating them could bring attention to empty storefronts!