• OPRF Poaster Board


    UPDATE - July 30, 2017

    Congrats to Monica's Skincare Boutique, our first member to join Poaster!  And thank you to Sidgl.com, or first member to Poast!  Members are learning the system and signing on.  Remember, we are the BETA community, so there will be some bugs and bumps along the way.  Send all questions to the Chamber and we'll put you in touch with Founder and CEO Chris Shaw who is trouble-shooting.

    A few items of note:  all poasts will stay active until mid-August, when Poaster does its B2C push and starts directing consumers to the site.  Typically, poasts are only active for 1, 2 or 3 days - whatever you choose.  Just this once, however, the poasts will stay live until 3 days after the launch (ETA Aug 15.)  Our goal is to populate the OPRF PoasterBoard with 50+ poasts before consumers start using the site.  We want them to have a reason to keep coming back!

    Another issue:  from a merchant's perspective, you can load poasts via your computer on the www.poaster.life site or using the app.  HOWEVER the app only works on iPhones right now.  An android version is in development.

    Be sure to come to Tratorria 225 on Wednesday for in person Q&A.


    UPDATE - July 28, 2017

    Poaster is live!  Invitations were sent to the primary representative of each Chamber member, as well as any other business who indicated interest.  The invites came from accounts@poasterapp.com on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of this week.  If you didn't get one or deleted it, let me know and I will resend.

    HANDS-ON TUTORIALS AND PRESENTATION FROM FOUNDER CHRIS SHAW scheduled for Wednesday, August 2 at Trattoria 225 4:30pm.  Click here to rsvp.


    UPDATE - July 23, 2017

    Poaster is still waiting for Apple to clear its just-revised App through the iTunes App store.  Once that happens, , which we expect will occur in the next few days, we will send out the Poaster Invites to Chamber Members.  We regret the delay. 



    Tap into Local - introduction to Poaster for Merchants

    The Chamber of Commerce is offering all local, independent businesses in the Oak Park - River Forest area the opportunity to sign up for Poaster FREE for a limited time.  All businesses, including non-members, are encouraged to try this innovative online marketing solution designed to drive traffic into our local businesses.

    After a five month trial period (now through December, 2017), the Chamber will evaluate the pricing structure and determine whether there will be a small monthly fee for users or power-users or perhaps introduce a member / nonmember pricing structure.  Since the Chamber of Commerce (not the merchant users) pays to maintain the OPRF PoasterBoard, we will need to determine the best way to fund the initiative in the future. 


    If you are a Chamber Member, you'll automatically get an email inviting you to join - nothing you need to do.  If you are not a member but want an invite to be part of the OPRF PoasterBoard, please fill out the form below, requesting access to Poaster.  Give it a try!!  There is no obligation attached.


    Chamber Members -

    We have some good news!  


    For those wanting to take advantage of the “shop local” momentum, the Chamber will be presenting you with a FREE online solution developed by a local tech firm and designed expressly for local, independent businesses.  


    The solution is called “Poaster” and is launching this month in the Oak Park - River Forest area.  The Chamber has had an opportunity to collaborate with Poaster; they are looking forward to working hand-in-hand with us to deliver something truly impactful to you.  Business members pay nothing to market and sell with Poaster, so it’s effectively The Anti-Groupon.  It’s a way for OPRF independents to offer locals exclusive online opportunities.


    Customers find and shop for your deals on a proprietary “OPRF PoasterBoard” live feed or through social media. They’ll redeem offers onsite in your restaurants, businesses and shops (also at no extra cost to them).  Poaster will promote the OPRF PoasterBoard throughout Oak Park and River Forest - again, at no cost to you. (The Chamber pays for the right to offer this solution to businesses in our community.)


    Briefly, it works like this:  you snap a photo of a product or of your business, type in a short description and choose a call to action - either Buy Now, Call Now or Book Now (it works for all B2C businesses whether you are a retailer, restaurant or service provider.)  Hit submit and the “poast” / post is active for up to three days, promoted through social media, an online “OPRF PoasterBoard” website and a consumer app.  If you already are posting your daily specials or ads to social media, this is one more free channel for you to use.


    Since there is no delivery option, customers who purchase your product online must come into the store to pick up.  Service business and restaurants customers will be directed to your current online booking system or will have the option to call you directly.  Poaster is designed to drive traffic into your business.


    Next week, you will receive a link to join Poaster via an email from me.  Because this is sponsored by the Chamber, you must get an invite from us to be part of the merchant circle of “poasters”. On Saturday I will send you a follow-up email with a link to a video and some information about how it works.  In the coming days, you’ll read more about what Poaster is and does in the local press.  You’ll also receive an email including a few details necessary to your participation.  


    Please look for the emails to come - and especially your invitation to Poaster.  I think you’ll agree this click-to-mortar idea offers everyone in our community the shopping convenience of an online marketplace while at the same time enlivening our streets and enriching our local entrepreneurs.


    Cathy Yen

    Executive Director

    Oak Park River Forest Chamber of Commerce




    Chamber Members - Happy Saturday!

    As promised, here is more information about "Poaster," the new online marketing / shop local solution that we are launching through the Oak Park River Forest Chamber of Commerce.

    • Watch the short video attached here (see above) for merchants explaining how Poaster works (or click here to go to YouTube).
    • We are posting information and the video on our website at oprfchamber.org/poaster
    • ‚ÄčAll Chamber Members will receive an email invitation mid-next week to become a member of the "OPRF PoasterBoard"
    • When you "accept" your invitation, you will receive instructions on setting up your account and "Tips and Tricks"
    • We will set up some in-person workshops with Chris Shaw, Oak Park resident and Founder and CEO of Poaster, to help you get started - dates TBA
    • Poaster will launch its big Oak Park area consumer marketing campaign for the Poaster on Monday, July 31
    • All businesses are welcome to join in - but these emails are going only to Chamber Members.  If you know of another business interested, direct them to oprfchamber.org/poaster where they too can sign up to be part of our OPRF PoasterBoard

    A quick note about funding:  your Chamber is presenting this tool to all area businesses free now through December.  At the end of this trial period we will evaluate the product and determine an appropriate price structure for members / nonmembers as there is some cost to the Chamber to maintain the OPRF PoasterBoard.  The company's business model is to charge the business associations, not the merchants, which we fully support but will need to figure out on our end.  For now, we are excited to be the first "test market" for Poaster and eager to see the impact it can have on your bottomline.

    Intriguing, right?!  I hope you think so, too.
    Cathy Yen, Executive Director, OPRF Chamber of Commerce