• Oak Park Podiatrist Quoted Nationally

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    August 03, 2017
    Dr. Mary Ann Bender, an Oak Park, IL resident, with offices in Oak Park and Forest Park, IL was recently quoted in an article, “My Toes Hurt”, published in the August, 2017 edition of the nationally published magazine, Women’s Running. 

    The article discusses why runners experience painful toes and highlights the way poor shoe choices combined with repetitive micro trauma can lead to toenail injuries.  The article also explains the importance of treating toenails that are painful, thick, discolored, and crumbly, and offers preventative advice to runners that better shoe choices can prevent injury and foot pain.

    Dr. Bender was approached about the article because she treats many athletes in her Oak Park, community.  A figure skater for 19 years and recipient of three (3) foot surgeries due to her own chronic foot issues she intimately understands foot pain and can relate to the foot pain many athletes unfortunately experience.

    “The opportunity to share my thoughts on how running impacts the toes was exciting for me.  I am very passionate about treating athletes with foot pain.  Too many people take their feet for granted until it is  too late,  and I am  actually an example of that given my own foot issues caused years of figure skating.  Hopefully the information I have shared will prevent some of the readers from ever having to be a patient of mine, or some other foot care specialist.”

    Mary Ann Bender, Podiatrist