• Solace Divorce Mediator

    Posted: 09/15/2022


    Solace Divorce Mediation is looking for a high-energy and passionate Solace Divorce Mediator to help us grow our business and continue our mission of having conflict-free divorce resolutions.

    The person for this job will ideally be a Illinois Board Certified Lawyer who has practiced family law for a minimum of 5 years, has seen the brokenness of the family law court system and knows that there is a better way to prioritize people and family in divorce. We also know that fabulous and qualified mediators often herald from the areas with HR, social work, or family counseling backgrounds and we want to hear from you too!

    A Solace Divorce Mediator must be dedicated to working for the highest and best results for both the family unit and the individuals involved. They will lead with compassion and prioritize a holistic approach to providing mediation, with a spirit of fairness, kindness, and love. This person will know implicitly, and believe passionately, that more can be achieved together rather than apart, and that divorce can be just one step on the path of a healthy and loving family journey.

    Solace Divorce Mediation is committed to all staff and contractors maintaining a balanced work life and we know this only comes when individuals have a keen sense of self, and can prioritize self-care. As such, all applicants should have at least 2 years of mindfulness practice, have attended at least one meditation or spiritual retreat in the last year, and have a genuine curiosity and dedication to spiritual growth.

    This is a contract position where work will be on a case-by-case basis. Responsibilities for a typical case will involve managing clients from initiating mediation through to finalizing agreement documentation ready for legal document drafting. This is a remote position so all meetings will be virtual.


    At Solace Divorce Mediation, we are on a mission to change the way that couples and families experience divorce and our mediation process reflects this to the core. We walk-the-walk and we talk-the-talk.

    Because our process is so unique we require all of our Mediators to undergo a Solace Divorce Mediator Training of approximately 20 hours where they will be virtually trained by owner and creator, Jen Mitchell, and through pre-recorded videos.


    Each new case will be vetted and on-boarded by a Solace Team member and then assigned to a member of the Solace Divorce Mediator team.

    The Solace Divorce Mediator will then be responsible for:

    • Review of online case file portal

    • Conduct initial on-boarding session

    • Conduct mediation sessions, guiding couples through the applicable provisions of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA)

    • Review all financials provided

    • Promptly respond to emails from clients

    • Draft Memorandum of Understanding(s)(MOUs)

    • Case management oversight in case management system, ZolaSuite

    • Analyzing support calculations and marital property division reports in Family Law Software

    • Bill for time in ZolaSuite

    • Move clients along the Solace pipeline in Clio Grow

    • Send Final Memorandum of Understanding for e-signature in ClioGrow




    • Ideally, we are looking for a Illinois Board Certified Attorney who has practiced law for a minimum of 5 years, with an expertise in family law and with courtroom experience. Mastery of the IMDMA and the Illinois Supreme Court rules.


    • A professional with a background (minimum of 5 years practicing) in law, human resources, psychology or counseling.


    • Certificate of completion of 40 hour Family Law Mediator Course or demonstrable divorce mediation experience commensurate with such training. Additional expertise in conflict management is a bonus, as is a Certificate of completion of a Life Coaching or Divorce Coaching course.

    Legal Statute & Software Skills

    • Firm understanding of the provisions of the IMDMA.

    • Firm understanding the Illinois Supreme Court rules.

    • Proficient in Family Law Software (FLS) and running support calculations and marital property division reports.

    • Working knowledge of ZolaSuite client case management system, or other legal case management system.

    • Working knowledge of Clio Grow case management system ideal.

    Professional Skills

    • Patience, compassion, and integrity and the ability to develop a rapport with all kinds of people.

    • Ability to assist couples in reaching creative solutions to any and all issues surrounding separation, dissolution of marriage, and family support resolution.

    • Ability to coach clients to shift the way they are looking at their divorce, from destruction to empowerment.

    • Ability to connect with clients and communicate well virtually. Proven past work where mediation services have been provided virtually a definite bonus.

    Office Skills

    • Must be proficient at using Zoom.

    • Must be very comfortable with technology and adept in cloud-based document filing systems, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Office.

    • Critical to be organized, timely, efficient, and accurate with data input.

    Mindfulness Practice

    • At least 2 years of mindfulness practice, with a preference given to those with a more lengthy and established practice.

    • Attended at least one meditation or spiritual retreat in the last year.

    • Genuine curiosity and dedication to spiritual growth of both yourself and those whom you serve.


    This is a contract position with flexible work hours.

    Remote work options - flexibility to work remotely / from home

    This is a contract position with compensation provided on a per-case basis, but which roughly works out to approx. $150 per hour.

    Health benefits not provided.

    Retirement benefits not provided.


    Solace Divorce Mediation dedicated to helping our clients to feel good during one of the most emotionally difficult times of their lives. We are changing the way people view and experience divorce from one of destruction to one of empowerment and growth, and eliminating the social stigma of divorce. Solace is committed to creating strong co-parenting relationships and families with a solid foundation of communication, trust and respect, and children that thrive in their co-parenting upbringing.


    Solace Divorce Mediation bases all hiring decisions on the light shining from the individual. We do not see color, gender, sexual preference, or any other category that puts individuals in boxes. We see souls, and adhere to the philosophy that we will attract the perfect souls to help our clients feel good and heal, and help us grow Solace global to change the way family law is practiced all over the World!

    All interested applicants should email a resume and cover letter to Jen Mitchell (jen@solacedivorce.com) and tell us why you would be perfect for our team! Bonus points if you show us that life matters to you, your work passion fuels you and that family is paramount. We can't wait to hear from you!