• Nomination Acceptance - Community Character 2019

    Congratulations! You've been nominated for a Spotlight Award for Community Character! Please accept the nomination by no later than Friday 8/23, and tell us in your words or - *NEW* this year - in your own video, why your business deserves to win. The content + quality of your acceptance matters. We carefully evaluate each nominee response when determining category finalists/winners. For more information about the Spotlight Awards program + award category definitions, visit https://www.oprfchamber.org/spotlight-awards
    Do you accept the nomination to be considered for the award?
    Are you able to attend the October 15, 5-7pm, 2019 Spotlight Awards Ceremony at The Nineteenth Century Club in Oak Park? Contenders must be present in order to win.
    Business Owner or Primary Contact Name
    Address Block - US
    TO FINALIZE YOUR ACCEPTANCE - Nominees please EITHER write an acceptance statement OR submit a 2 minute or shorter video why your business deserves to win this award. The content and quality of your acceptance matters and is a critical part of our judging process. Providing specific examples are helpful. There is no 2nd round of information gathering. Finalists are contacted/announced early September. Winners must be present @ 10/15 Awards Ceremony in order to win. Space is provided below for you to submit a statement or video URL link. Acceptances are not valid without these.
    Thank YOU for accepting your nomination and congratulations again on getting nominated. We will reach out to all nominees about category finalists early September. If you have questions, please contact Spotlight Awards Co-Chair, Jon Biag, jon@escape-factor.com or OPRF Chamber Special Events Manager, Janice Moskoff, jmoskoff@oprfchamber.org.