• Oak Park Business Districts and the BAC

    Our communities have many different business districts, reflecting the diversity and characters of our neighborhoods.

    The map to the right (courtesy of OPEDC) shows the various business districts in Oak Park.   Most districts have organized merchants associations, which organize events and advocate on behalf of their business areas.

    Businesses are encouraged to engage with their local district associations to ensure access to important information relevant to their businesses.  

    Business district contacts are listed below.  
    The business district leaders also gather on the fourth Wednesday of every month for the Business Association Council (BAC) meeting.  This meeting, which is open to all businesses and business district representatives, serves as an important platform for the exchange of information between neighboring districts as well as between the business community and local government.  The BAC operates in partnership with the Village of Oak Park, whcih often brings issues of import to the BAC for opinion and consultation.

    Businesses interested in participating should first contact their business district representative.  The BAC facilitators, Paul Zimmermann and Loretta Daly can also help the business get engaged.

    Businesses may also submit a question or information directly to the BAC by SCROLLING DOWN to the contact form on the botton of this webpage.

  • OP Business District Contacts

    BAC Facilitators:
    Paul Zimmermann
    Loretta Daly - Village of Oak Park, 
    Tammie Grossman - Village of Oak Park

    Chicago-Austin Neighborhood
    BAC Rep: TBD

    Chicago-Harlem Neighborhood
    BAC Rep: Jim Beckwith

    Garfield-Harlem Neighborhood
    BAC Rep: TBD

    Downtown Oak Park
    President: Frank Heitzman
    BAC Rep: Max Austin-Williams
    Regular board meetings:

    Hemingway District Association
    President: Jim August
    BAC Rep: Dan Haley 708.613.3301
    Regular board meetings: 
    General member meetings:

    Lake - Austin Neighborhood
    BAC Rep: TBD

    Madison Street Business Association
    President: Dennis Marani
    BAC Reps: Linda Sahagian
    BAC Rep: Kim Rasmussen
    Regular board meeting: fourth Thursday a.m. of the month

    North Avenue Business Association (NABA)
    President: Lee Owens
    BAC Rep: Dan Finnegan, 708.386.1433 x113
    Regular board meetings:

    Oak Park Arts District
    President: Laura Maychruk
    BAC Rep: Mark Finger
    Regular board meetings: last Friday of every month
    General member meetings: first Wednesday of the month; check website for time and location

    Pleasant District
    President: Sarah Gulseth
    BAC Rep: Matt Grote
    Regular board meetings:

    Roosevelt Road Business Association
    President: Christine Tully Aranza
    BAC Rep: Christine Tully Aranza
    General member meetings:  second Wednesday of each month, 8:30am at Autre Monde

    BAC Rep: Lydia Villanueva-Soto 

    Partner Business Associations

    Oak Park Economic Development Corp

    President: Marty Noll
    BAC Rep:  Viktor Schrader

    OPRF Chamber of Commerce
    President:  Tony Munno
    BAC Rep:  Cathy Yen 
    Regular board meetings: first Tuesday a.m. of the month
    General member meetings: check website 

    Contact the BAC Directly

    BAC Input Form

    The Business Association Council is a group of business-minded volunteers who meet on behalf of their respective business districts. Information of concern is discussed with neighbor business districts as well as with representatives from Village government. We encourage you to engage with your local business district to stay abreast of issues relevant to your business. You also are welcome to submit information and questions here, and the Chamber of Commerce will forward your information to the BAC and your district representative.

  • River Forest Business Districts

    Lake Street Corridor

    North Avenue Corridor

    Madison Street Corridor 

    Contact: Eric Palm, Village of RF 

  • Forest Park Business Districts

    Forest Park Chamber of Commerce

    Madison Street Main Street District

    Roosevelt Road Business Area

    Contact: Laurie Kokenes, FP Chamber 

  • Austin Neighborhood Links

    Austin Chamber of Commerce

    Contact: Amara Enyia

    West Side Men

    West Side Women

    West Side Bridge 

    Networking Groups Contact: Dawn Ferencak