• Spotlight Awards

  • The OPRF Chamber of Commerce has initiated this new event to recognize excellence in local businesses. Award nominations were made by the public through the Chamber website and nominees have actively acknowledged and accepted their nomination in order to be eligible to win. Nominees did not have to be members of the OPRF Chamber to be eligible.  The program was open to all businesses in Oak Park and River Forest.  Winners received a one year free membership in the OPRF Chamber as part of their prize.

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    OPRF Chamber Business Spotlight Award Categories - Descriptions


    Customer Experience

    Ever had one of those ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL experiences at a local business?  When staff does everything right leaving you with the feeling that you are the most important customer in the world to them?!  Sure, it's customer service - but it is more than one person being nice one time.  It's the kind of all-round heart-warming feel-good over-the-top experience that you don't forget.  The kind that makes you glad you patronized the business and hopeful that others will too.  From the moment you begin conducting business here through the delivery of service, this business makes you want to come back and tell your friends. 

    Community Character

    A company that is reflective of our community - unique, creative, smart, one-of-a-kind, fun, family- run, successful.  The kind that makes our community who we are. A business that epitomizes the spirit of the community.

    Investment / Development

    A company that has taken an existing concept—whether an idea, building, parcel of land, or mission—and infused it with new ideas to better serve our community. This can be a new development project or an adaptive use of an existing structure.

    Green / Sustainable Practices

    A company whose business is centered on products or services that are produced or provided using sustainable and environmentally sensitive methods, a company that has implemented policies to reduce their carbon footprint, a business that has made significant investment in facilities improvements that reduce energy consumption. 


     A company – public, private, or non-profit that exemplifies cutting edge thinking to ensure it remains at the forefront of our business community. By adding new value, it has gone a step further with their product/idea!  Also, a project, program or service that is provided through the combined efforts of two or more public or private organizations that address a community need or improves the lives of individuals in our community.

    Integrated Marketing

    A company that has successfully developed a marketing strategy that encompasses a variety of methods - online website and social media content, print, point of sale, and personal contact that is unified, consistent and impactful.